Geriatric Nutrition: Do old dogs and cats need new tricks?

by on October 25, 2018

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Geriatric Nutrition: Do old dogs and cats need new tricks?


Dr. Tammy Owens

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We’ve all heard the phrase ‘age is not a disease’; however, we also know that with increasing age often comes an increasing incidence of disease or expected age related changes. Many diets are marketed for ‘senior’ pets, but not all ‘senior’ diets are appropriate for all aging pets (and in may cases may actually be contraindicated). There is no widespread consensus on what constitutes a senior diet, creating a lot of confusion for consumers and veterinarians regarding the need or appropriateness of various diets in this category. Further, there is high variability in health status and needs within the aging pet population, making any blanket nutritional strategy likely unsuitable for many individuals. In this talk, we will review the aging process and what role nutrition may play. We will specifically touch on the concept of sarcopenia as compared to cachexia, what feeding strategies may be employed for senior pets and when they are or are not applicable (touching on myths regarding senior pet nutrition), as well as reviewing evidence to support the use of certain strategies, or what new innovations may be on the horizon.

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